I, Other Words

Sorry I’ve been away. Out here in the real world, I had a big move on my hands.
Let me start this back up with a poem. 

I, Other Words

– for Vlado

the oboe ushers in twilight.
Silver wheels squeal
against the bending rail.
Twice blind, sleepy eyes
circulate as if veins under city skin.
Words freeze, numbing speech, and
creek under their own weight.
Cracks appear.

far beyond –
Sun stirs the day red
dances waves to shore
where flesh, warm within
from last night’s wine
effortlessly breathes
I, other words,
end of the world.

with the sky –
mauve, violet,
purple, magenta,
fuchsia, purpure,
byzantine, cerise,
lilac, fandango,
lavender, orchid,
mulberry, wisteria…

(photo stollen from Vlado Martinovich)


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